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Company Profile

Dongguan Yigao Machinery Company Limited was established in 1996. With the company staff persistent pursuit and tireless efforts, Yigao has independently researched, and has developed wire cable extrusion machine (core wire extrusion machines, outer sheath extrusion machine, Teflon extrusion machine, chemical foaming extrusion machine, physical foaming extrusion machines, optical fiber jacket extrusion machine ...), wire and cable twist machine (single spin twist machine, single spin-arm twist machine, vertical single spin twist machine, double-twist machine, arched twist machine, cage twist machine, winding machine ...), paper packaging machine (single, double-deck vertical paper packaging machine, single, double-deck horizontal paper packaging machine), and etc., it successfully solves the difficulties for specialty wire and cable production, and resolve automation problems regarding automatic cutting and peeling for wire and cable, terminal automatic riveting problems. Have launched a number of high-speed computer automatic wire cutting and peeling machines (single operation up to 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m and peeling length up to 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm mixed machine models); high-speed computer thermal wire cutting and peeling machines and computer thick cable wire cutting and peeling machine; automatic terminal riveting machine (single, double ends), and etc. . Solve the automatic wire cutting and peeling on both ends for the network cable, sheathed cable, computer wire, cable wire, power cord, data wire (containing anti-crack wire), earphone wire, electronic wire, and etc.. Even AWG2 power cord (with the conductor cross-sectional area of 33.62mm2) can quickly and easily be cut and peeled, automatic riveting for various types of terminals, improves work efficiency and creates big value.

Our equipment are very popular, sold to domestic market and all around the world, with superior performance and reliable operation, which are trusted by the clients and greatly appraised by customers.
Implementation of research and innovation, value creation, good brand build and trustworthy services concept, uphold research and development normalization, technology automation, unmanned operation, and human services are out mottos. We are firmly committed to providing our customers with comprehensive pre-sales after-sales service.

Your support and understanding are the power for Yigao to move forward. Your suggestions will let us do better than expected! We look forward to developing successful relationship with you.


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Focused specialty wire and cable production, to solve the automatic cutting stripping wires and cables, terminals and other fully automated operation of automatic pressing problems.
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